Best 10mm axle bearings

Looking for either 10mm ID bearings or 11mm ID bearings with a spacer. Looked through the various threads and found a ton of info for 8mm axles like reds and stingers but couldn’t find anything for 10mm axles. Should I try to run spacers to reduce friction and stress on the bearing or is it better to get the 10mm bearings for the 10mm axle?

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there is no either, u get the bearing ID size that fits ur axle, what’s ur axle dia?

these are are all the common 10mm ID bearing size

Size Inner Dimension Outer Dimension Width
6000 10 26 8
6200 10 30 9
6300 10 35 11
6800 10 19 5
6900 10 22 6
62200 10 30 14
5200 10 30 14.2
5300 10 35 19.05

It would be 6900, the only reason I said 11mm was because I heard it was good to go up and put a spacer in between the bearing and the axle to reduce the friction and stress on the bearing, but I guess whoever said that was incorrect

If you are looking to run all terrain hubs like MBS or Trampa, you’ll need to look for 16100-2RS

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I have a set of these on a push board and they have been great


Thanks, im running boardnamics 270mm trucks and tb100s. Hoping to go to 110s if I can find a decent set on here sometime soon

then get that one, i don’t know where u get the idea of

it doesn’t work that way

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It is probably best, to get the cheap, 10 count rubber seal 6900 bearings, and change them say, twice a year, than to get good ones, BUT, seismic makes some ceramic bearings, and bear too. I will be looking into the ceramics, just cuz. The cheap bearings, are 10 bucks for ten. The expensive ceramics, are about 80 bucks. New cheap bearings, are as good as older good bearings.

I personally wouldn’t use ceramic even if they were the same price. Sharp impact can crack and break the ceramic balls as they are very hard and thus more brittle.

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lmao what who told you this

In my 6 years of skating I have never heard this lol

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Wasn’t somebody on this forum ha. Wouldn’t be relieved too well I don’t think ha

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How much more durable are the larger bearings used on AT wheels compared to the 22mm OD version?

I am going to try these out for the Boardnamics 270mm axles.

they say they are 10x22x7



I use fasteddy bearings on all my 10mm axles. They’re inexpensive and I haven’t had a problem with them yet