Bergmeister Hubs + Kahua trucks + tubes/tires & Avio ATB gear drives Sold suckers too slow


I managed to pick up the group buys from both @nuttyjeff & @riverside.rider to build a complete gear drive system for Kahua trucks from both these excellent gentlemen.

But I only actually need or should I say want one set. So I am offloading a complete set of mechanicals per the title of this thread at the cost to me + shipping + any PayPal fees should you not like the taste of F&F.

The hubs are the silver version, the drives are in black.

Timo (Haggy Boards)

  • Hubs/Tires/Tubes/Spacers.
  • Kahua trucks + parts(axles/grubs)
  • Risers/bolts/basic tools

Note: The hubs do not include bearings, regular skate baring since the truck axles are stepped down towards the hub. Quality wise they are on a par with Surf Rodz.

Jeff (Avio)
Complete Avio gear drive system (dual)

All parts are virgin unused, I placed some bearings in two of the wheel and test mounted to a SR hanger for kicks, the bearings have been removed & not included, the spacers are included per above.

You need to get bearings and grease, then you have the mechanics in place. Just need a deck, 2 motors of your choice and of course the electricals.

Relevant threads: -

Gear drive

Assembly, please review this to whomever ends up with this kits

Why? I have another set of both! And in the unresistible colour: green.

From going through receipts: -

Haggy hubs/trucks: €210
Jeff Avio drives: €270
Total: €480

Add sellers fee of €14 if you want the PayPal guarantee, or simply trust my years of honest bullshit here, your choice.

Would prefer to ship to EU, but hey shipping is your problem. I would insist on tracking but not extra insurance, if you want to insure then pick a shipping method that you are happy with, I believe it is possible buy additional cover fro extra cost. Package weight 5.5kg. but pick 6kg (round up) from here to get an idea: -

I checked a 6kg parcel without additional insurance to a few places - EU & USA and it looks like about €75 for a package this weight. UK maybe about €20, Ireland cheap. I will be in flying into and staying nearby Lagos in Portugal next week if that works.
Open to alternatives if you have them and are happy to do the searching etc.

The postal system is very good in fact and I never worry about missing stuff in<>out, but it’s not cheap.

I am going on holiday on the 11th(3 days) and want to liquidate what I don’t see myself using any time soon due to huge backlog of esk8 projects, that is all.

If the kit sells before the post office closes on Monday it hits the post, otherwise we are talking about 25th June+. I expect to be visiting the post office on Monday.

Since I do not know the shipping I cannot say first to PayPal me gets them. Let’s just say first to msg me and respond to a shipping quote/total gets 'em.

TL:DR : About ~€550-€600 to your door, brand new Bergmeister Hubs + Kahua trucks + tubes/tires & Avio ATB gear drives


I’ll trade you a set of carvon xl’s with about 100 miles on them

no trades thank you


How about a 32% share of my soul? I think that’s about fair.


How are the trucks, if you have used them? Thinking bout pickin up a set

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Don’t lie, you’re soul’s on special in aisle 3

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You should…these ones. They work like surf rodz, very meaty with thick 10mm axles which step down at the end so as to take regular skate bearings.

I haven’t used either set. The set i’m keeping is about 3 builds back on the production line, someone’s going to get fired that’s for sure

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Good deal! Expect these to be swooped up soon

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Thanks Linny, let’s hope so for the sake of my alcoholidays

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Exactly where i am. 3 builds all over the joint. One of my decks is in alabama. One is in nottingham and the rest of the parts are scattered all over my shithole of a workshop. I’m about to buy a drive set from timo so if you weren’t a million miles away I would be considering this lot. Suppose you could do a ship check for me. Who knows then maybe I will have another set of parts in Ireland.

Once I realized this was happening, I allow myself to only work on 1 at a time. The queue’s pretty long though, and builds keep jumping the line…

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I definitely think you should :joy:

It’s looking like this direct to Oz

I could get it sent over to Nottingham for about €20…then you could bundle from there if that person was willing


Haha Dareno that’s classic

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You need to do the same for me in the other place as well :joy:

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On it. Might be a bit ruder over there though

Oh I am so gone now. Hacker will love that shit.

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Done it

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