Bent shaft replacement on Enertion R-Spec V2


I’ve got one of those old Enertion R-Spec v2 6355 motors mounted on the old Enertion mounts. Sadly, I’ve over tightened the belt and bent the shaft.

I’d heard that the R-Spec is similar to the SK3 motor, a long time ago. I bought a SK3 shaft but it doesn’t appear to be a direct match. The end of the SK3 shaft is flared and it doesn’t appear the R-Spec motor shaft has that flare. I don’t have a lathe, so I can’t easily turn down the shaft.

Thus, is there a replacement shaft I can get or should I just toss the motor?

Rspec’s are maytech motors so I think maytech shafts would be best

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Awesome, thank you!