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Benefits of metal hubs

Many people who run pneumatic tires use hubs made out of some kind of plastic, especially from MBS or Trampa and there are a bunch of options in aluminum with more coming soon. Other than aesthetics and cost, what are some of the benefits and downsides to each?

I was thinking that the additional weight is the main issue with metal hubs (with an impact on handling?). I can’t think of anything concrete in terms of benefits from the additional rigidity they offer.

What do you all think? What are some reasons to use metal hubs over plastic?


well if you have TB hubs, they are good for maybe 22mph before they wobble. Metal hubs are much better in that respect.

TLDR don’t get tb hubs for anything faster than a Landsnail.


On the other hand, rockstar hubs are fine at high speed, so it really depends on the quality of the hub

I feel like the balance of the tire is more of a factor than the hub anyways


If you are gonna be beating up the board then metal is better, for general use the plastic hubs will works, but TB hubs tend to have poor tolerances, MBS hubs are pretty decent


I’d like to hear @rich and @NullBlox weigh in from their MTB jump board experience (and insane speeds)


I can also vouche for mbs hubs. They yet to fail me in any aspect. Kaly’s hubs are great as well. Have a set of his wides and love them. Again yet to fail me. Trampa hubs are an option as well. Have 2 sets but cant speak on them as I havent ridden them.

Mbs and Kaly are my go to’s


I’m curious about that too. MBS seem to handle jumping and everything else people throw at them, and maybe they’re preferable because they make it marginally easier to jump? @Andy87 might have some advice to impart as well.


I’ve had a couple MBS hubs sidewalls crack from running low PSI and hitting cracks. Not a fault of the hubs- they are otherwise good… But definitely a plus for metal hubs that probably wouldn’t crack from this.


Any weight reduction helps with jumping imo

jumping with the BN AT drive is hard bc its kinda heavy


I would only purchase metal hubs for the aesthetics factor. Otherwise, I just dont see the point on spending extra on something that has more parts and is heavier. This is just comparing trampa hubs, idk about other metal/plastic hubs.

Not a big deal and probably quite rare - I had a mild bearing failure (steel, 7 ball) that I thought I’d be able to ride ~0.5 miles back on. Rode back just fine with clicking noise, but it ended up melting the bearing seat pretty bad to the point it was no longer useable. Evolve plastic hub I believe.

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If you are staying on terra firma, then metal has some real advantages. Metal eliminates any tire and tube offbalances. It eliminates much of the need for precision trucks. It MUCH better keeps side tweaks out of the bearings. It will roll MUCH easier. It makes the ride smoother, as there is some heft to move up and down. Wont heat up as much. Will wear far better. And the possibility of going tubeless in some future. Tires roll more correctly central. IT works, to make off throttle smooth and sustain a coast. Not so jumpy.

I haven’t used hubs on a longboard, but I’m going to need a lot more details for some of these claims…


The entire post sounds like pure exaggeration lmao

?? what lol

true, Kaly is working on this right now

no, not really.


sure, probably, but only if the tolerance of the bearing seat is right.



I was reading the old forum, scraping for bits of information on alternative battery chemistries, and every reply is like this. It was crazy to read.

All gut reaction and hunches and “my brother’s cousin’s dogwalker works at Tesla and said…”

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Every claim has firm logic behind it.

Keeping the bearings square to the wheel, has many advantages. Sloppy squareness causes friction, and wobbly wear. It is for the same reasons, you use speed rings, and spacers.

As much as I’d like to agree, wobble still exists in metal hubs. The tire will cause it, the valve will cause it, the wear on the tire will cause it. It does help, but that due to the precision work done to the hubs and not their constitution


Metal hubs, SPUN on CNC will run truer, no matter what.

Yes. But that doesn’t mean the end user will have a perfect tire for it


I feel like even a plastic hub spun on a CNC will run true as well, since any tolerance issues with plastic wheels generally come from the casting process, and a cast metal wheel would likely behave similarly. We don’t really see any CNC GFN wheels though, even though I feel like they should exist.