Benchwheel remote wireless charge mod

Just wanted to share with you how to mod benchwheel remote with wireless charging

First goes disassembly

Next think is fitting Wireless Charging Receiver

In this step I needed to cut off one screw point and trim 3 of them

Fitting after adjustments

Now some fishpaper to insulate coil and remote pcb

All thats left is to screw in remote pcb

And solder wires to charging port

Wireless charging test

All looks good, after testing I used some hot glue to hold solder points in place just forgot to take pictures.

Assembled remote test

Wired charging still works.

Next thing to do would be to open my 10S charger and integrate it with disassembled phone charger and wireless charger

so I can place my remote on it whenever Im planning to charge my board. I just need to find fitting box for it, because there is not that much room.

Here again you can find wireless receiver module I have used. It should work with any remote as long as you are using overcharge protect in it and have enough place.

Hope you all like it, cheers :slight_smile:


Nice work! 10 internet points and I’ll send nudes


that´s pretty much what i did to my GT2B mod a while back :sweat_smile:

easy and cheap mod :joy:


You get nudes too Andy, congrats!


I’ll pass on that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yea, It should be in every remote :smiley:

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…waiting for the pm…


I want to do this for all my ESK8 remotes. :joy:

Just wanted to tell that i followed this instruction and it works flawlessly. Finally no more flimsy Micro-usb. Thank you !


Outstanding mod!
(Thanks for bringing this to the top)

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