BenBucklerBoards, Sydney shop, Australia

Hey guys! Quick introduction, I’m Duncan, long time reader of the forum, just recently signed up. I work at BenBucklerBoards, a PEV shop in Sydney, and I’m in charge of the DIY section, I try to keep it up to date and add cool stuff when possible.

Little treat for you guys, use the code DIYCREW for a 10-12% discount on the whole DIY category. We do ship internationally but it might be pricy depending where you live.


Big ups for BBB! Pleasure to deal with and awesome range of DIY gear. If you’re lucky, Duncan will even send you a hand drawn dick with your order!


And now I’m intrigued by these wheels. Dot 120mm (4 pack) – Ben Buckler Boards Anyone tried them?

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They come standard on some of the Dot Boards. The grip is nice, they’re cool for road riding, will get over bumps easily, but don’t expect doing any off-roading. They’re okay at dampening vibration, but it’s still urethane so nowhere near as comfortable as pneumatics, hope this helps!

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Yeah. I wonder if it would be worth it to try them as front wheels to reduce rolling resistance and maybe increase range a bit…

eh… too much work. I’ll just make my next battery bigger.

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Yeah I don’t know… I think they’re good for very specific things


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I think FlexiBMS Lite has nothing to do with DAVEGA. Or am I wrong?

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No you’re right, It is showing this way because we bought it from Davega, so that’s the vendor that is showing, I will correct it!