Belt rubbing against the wheel (options)

Hi all,

I am looking for a bit of advise on how to stop my belt rubbing against the wheel.

I cannot move the mount any further up the truck away from the wheel, as it just slips back down again.
The motor pulley cannot move any closer to the motor.
I have tried putting washers between the wheel and the truck, however the wheel nut is now at its limit.

I guess I could file down the truck to stop the mount from slipping back. However this sounds like a bit of a hassle and I’d rather not damage the truck if I can. I was thinking of buying a couple of small washers and putting them between the mount and motor. Has any one tried this before or is it a bad idea?

Are there any other solutions that I have not thought about?


You can use a not so wide belt.
What are you using right now, 15mm, 12mm?

You can also switch the motor pulley around and place it more close to the mount. Should give you some extra mm.


flip ur motor pulley, so the screw part is on the outside instead of right against the motor c-clip / bearing. if u need to adjust the spacing between the motor mount and pulley, put washers in to space it out


Second the Andy solution, it will walk the belt away from the wheel the closer the motors pulley is to the the motors

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Can you space the wheel out a bit using washer’s or move the pulley wheel inwards towards the motor.

of course OP would need to reposition the whole motor mount again if he decide to flip the motor pulley

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How come, I have made adjustments to the motor pulley without having to touch MM, there is plenty of gap

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flipping the motor pulley makes the belt align closer to the motor mount, but the wheel pulley is always at a fixed distance, so the belt isn’t perfectly align to the motor mount.

in this case, there are two method to get the belt straight again, either space the motor pulley out until its straight, but it might cause the scrub screw not engaging on the motor shaft. another method is to move the motor mount closer to the wheel pulley, so the distance between where the motor mount is mounted on the truck hanger and wheel pulley is closer, so the belt is straighten out.

my goal was to keep the belt fully set on both pulley while it being perfectly straight. hope this clears the confusion

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Ahh gotcha, yes good explanation!!

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Different part but this is quiiiiiiiite a bit too tight.


Thanks for all the advice. I’ll try flipping the motor pulley. My only concern is that (if I want to keep the c-clip) then it might bring the belt too close to the mount (which has a couple of slighty protruding screw heads on it).

If the screws end up getting in the way then I’ll look into getting a different pulley (one without the shoulder). I was thinking of something like this:

It’s a 15mm belt, so if all else fails then I’ll go down a size, but being 95kg+ and only having the one motor, I feel more comfortable with a wider belt. Would I need to also change the pulley size if I do this?

Damn eagle eye lol, yeah that is SNUG!!


I got some pulleys I’ll give you that look just like that in 16T if you wanna pay for shipping

u have to keep the c-clip on no matter what, its what holding the motor shaft so it doesn’t back out from the other side. just flip the motor pulley and reposition the motor mount, it should work nicely.
if ur motor pulley is rubbing against the motor mount, put washers in until it doesn’t touch would do

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Thanks for the offer, that would be great. The shaft is 10mm tho. Is the a problem as I think most motor shafts are 8mm?

Yeah mine are all 8 :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t sure if I was pushing it too far. How much would you recommend I dial it back by? At least half of the visable screw?

The reason I’d tightened it so much was to avoid wheel bite with the 97mm wheels.

Not at all, replace it and get bushings with the proper hardness. Having to compress a bushing that much just shows that it’s too soft for you.

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It’s cool if you want it that tight it just dosnt look like it will go any other way than straight

Also make sure to heatshrink you phase wire bullets

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