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[Belgium] Boosted v1 without original battery [300 euro]


Completes only. Listing should start with your country abbreviation and include price in US dollars. Can quote price and OBO if you wish. At least one photo is mandatory and if it’s a dildo or something, say goodbye to your post.


(AQ) Metroboard X. $1600.00 OBO. Every fastener reinforced with JB Weld. Board dipped in vat of conformal coating. Each motor given its own receiver. Optional gun holster. Apple fans need not apply.

No posting of your item in another person’s post. No best offer without price. No listing PP and “first one that pays me” skullduggery. Be ready to supply shipping quotes because you will be asked. No payment by Paypal Friends and Family.


Some months back I have bought a boosted V1 from another forum member. It was shipped from the VS to Belgium. Due some other projects I have running is the board laying on the shelf and waiting for a new owner :stuck_out_tongue: somebody who can give him some love. Put in a vesc and battery and you are ready to go.

I have paid 400euro for the board incl shipping from the VS to Belgium and custom cost.

So I think 300 euro is a good price.

The board comes with the original esc (only 300miles on it). Remote and charger.

No battery cells! & no working BMS.

What you see is what you get



Dropping price to 300

I’m almost tempted to buy this so I can just once say ‘yes’ to the regular ‘is that a boosted board?’ I keep getting asked :smile:


Could you show some pictures of what it looks inside of the battery and esc enclosure? Might be a cool project to put a custom battery and replace the ESC with a VESC.

There are plenty off those pictures online. I can tell a unity can’t fit. But 2 normal vesc’s normally can.

Price drop to 300

This is not a price drop. It was 300 already a few posts back.


For 250 ill buy it in belgium