Bearing exploded... shells stuck in hub. What do?

Hey folks, my bearings on one of my wheels exploded while riding home from the library tonight. Anyone have an idea for how to get the shell out of the hub so I can put new ones in?

They’re in pretty damn tightly, going to see if my school has a hydraulic press.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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A hammer and a punch and some strategically placed supports. Be careful not to damage the aluminium.

Edit: tap lightly all around it, don’t go too heavy in one spot.


I’ve gotten a similar thing out before and I can’t recall how. I think maybe a washer on a bolt – a washer exactly the correct size – then put a giant ball on the bolt and hammer it

Like this except with a washer that just covers the lip of the bearing race. Then pound the pinball with a hammer


If you can heat the aluminium it should make it easier. A good hot air gun should do the trick.


I bet if you had the perfect bolt size you could just thread it into the bearing race and push it out.

Or more like a tap.

A large flathead screwdriver and come from the other side, try to catch any lip or surface deviation of the shell.

Pop pop gone, should be.

If you like tools & we have many :joy: this is a nice tool from experience

The seat may be tight on that one, maybe the install was not as gentle as could be which is why the bearings brinelled and explodamanated.

Come back to us for install, no bashy bashy there


so much this

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Also try impregnate it with something that can be removed later. Bit of oil should do the trick. Let it simmer for a bit then slip it out.

I like the idea of tapping it and screwing in a bolt.

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Any chance you have a socket that fits opening but still makes contact with the leftover bearing? If so, flip wheel over, use a piece of wood to protect socket from strikes and mallet it out.


I’ve 3d printed such things in the past

Bust out the socket set and check every one you’ve got, chances are the outer diameter of the socket will be just good enough for you to tap on it with a hammer and get the race out.


Update: thanks for the suggestions folks, ended up getting it out with a socket set and a few smashes with a brick.

Back to riding in the snow!