[BE] Trampa trucks etc for sale

Hey fellow builders I have got 2nd hand parts for sale1 Trampa ultimate trucks with2 idea motormounts 3 motors 6880 20mm wide belts so no skipping and never broke a belt either. And allot of different dampers and springs to choose from, 4 trampa wheels with 2 sets of gears 70t and 62t on the wheels


Hi @Michstow

as per rules we need the following from you :

  • pictures
  • prices
  • your location

Im in Belgium and the price is 60%of new price ,new trucks with mounts ,motors,pulleys,belts,4wheels was about 1200euro it can all go for 750euro without shipping


Need pictures of every item for sale. Let me know when added and I will re-open. Thanks!


Added mate

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What’s the price for one motor?

Only 1 I would have to say 75euro without shipping

Trucks available?

Bill my board is sold i put SOLD in the discreption is that ok ?

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Sambo its al sold i still have some small stuff but i dont think there worth the shipping costs

Yup. That’s fine or tagging us in to close is even better. Glad you found your buyer!