Battle harden Boardnamics 6354?

So I just got my board together, maybe 20 miles on it total, and I started hearing a slight clicking/ticking coming from what I assumed was the motors. Came on here and looked around and it seemed that the common issue was loose magnets. Alright, rip apart the M1 drive, pull the motor, pull the bell, annnddddddd nothing on either of the motors. No scratches on the stators, light wear on the magnets, which are factory battle hardened from the looks of it. So my questions are:

    • Do I battle harden the stator with some 5 minute epoxy, seeing as that is NOT battle hardened from the factory.
    • What could the clicking be coming from? It was definitely the drivetrain, seeing as it increased/decreased with speed.


Does it click when you rotate the motor independently from the BN wheel gear?

I’ve had weird clicks with my BN drives before, sometimes just a good reassembly does the trick

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I tried spinning them by hand when everything was assembled, and it sounded like there was a click? It’s really hard to tell, I only noticed it on one ride, and I was wearing a full face helmet so hearing wasn’t great. They don’t click when they are not in the drive. I’m king of wondering if I should just epoxy the stators while I have everything apart right now.