Battery wont turn on..undervoltage!

Those series connections are likely not sufficient to carry the current of that pack. Any idea the size of that nickel? Looks to be 25mm. Assuming .2mm thickness. I don’t think that’s sufficient for 6 x 30qs. If the builder would have designed the battery. Little differently is could’ve worked but it looks like an~25mm wide strip is carrying potentially 90 amps… Take this to the battery builders thread. I would be very wary of running this battery especially considering a whole p group died after 6 cycles.

Ive had the battery a year and its around 2 years old now,as far as the 6 cycles not sure if thats entirely accurate,its done many 15+ mile journeys and been charged back up! The nickel is fairly thick however i didn’t fold the whole pack out then in for repair just 11/12 Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I’ve got my board back up and running so back to carving for me! @pjotr47 thanks for the help my guy✌️

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