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Battery sources in Canada?

In the end I didn’t have any issue ordering from 18650 battery store at all (U.S. one)

Added link for no confusion:


Bummer batteryhookup restarted to sell model 3 cells, for a tiny bit cheaper and the delivery is always pretty cheap to canada too, customs never went above 80CAD for me.

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So what was you final total price per cell including shipping?

My 300 p42a cost me $5.15 US per cell all said and done, I did do 2 shipments so paid shipping twice, I’m definitely happy about it anyways


$4.25usd roughly. Yes it’s cheaper than p42a but not by much

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Considering building a large pack this winter - 21700 Samsung 30T 28s20p.
Best price I could find :slight_smile: 4.95cad From BulkBattery


:flushed: 28s20p ?? that’s a big pack. what will it be for out of curiosity ?

wouldn’t P42A’s be better ? more capacity and higher max discharge for the same price

P42’s are a far better cell if for no other reason than the fact that Molicel will sell direct to resellers like bulk battery so you get the freshest cells possible in that market. All Samsungs are redirected etc… And so might already be a year or two old by the timw u get em. Go w the Moli :100:

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It depends on the requirements for the pack.
The Samsung 30T has a higher continuous current rating than the P42A and has lower internal resistance (less voltage sag).

The 30T has a true continuous current rating of 35A. The P42A has a temperature-limited (75°C) rating of 45A so you cannot run it continuously at that high a level since the cell gets close to 100°C when discharged at 45A. The P42A’s datasheet also mentions that you sacrifice cycle life running them that hard. The P42A’s true continuous current rating, for comparing directly against other cells, is about 30A.

If you are running at high power levels, above about 25A/cell and not much below about 3.2V, then the reduced voltage sag of the 30T will give you more running time. If you are at moderate power levels then the higher capacity of the P42A’s makes them the better choice.

@Common_good brings up some good points about availability though…IF the vendor is buying recently manufactured cells. There are still huge quantities of 2018-dated P42A’s still being sold even though 2021-dated cells are now available.

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That gives you a conservative current rating of at least 500A continuous. Do you need a rating that high? If not there are higher capacity cells that, in a pack that large, can give you a lot more run time. They might even allow you to reduce the size of the pack.


did you have to pay shipping and/or import duties since they ship from usa?

Did nothing as of yet - but assume yes there will be other charges