Battery not fully charging

Hey guys, I’ve got two strange issues I was hoping to get some new perspective on.

  1. My 10S3P Samsung 30q battery won’t charge beyond 40V
    -I’m using a Tangspower charger that just stops charging when all cells are at 4.0v

  2. My new Metr Pro is not outputting any information on the app after the first couple days of use
    -I just bought a Metr Pro to use with my bard after wanting more from the music Bluetooth adapter I had been using. The Metr was working for a couple of days but now its no longer showing any info even though it says its connected and the blue/green lights are blinking like crazy on the metr pro.

Update your software on metr and whatever vesc you’re running

What bms are you using?

Well unless the charger is only outputting that voltage because the charger has an issue. My initial diagnosis would be the BMS overcharge faulting and stopping the charge flow. If you have a multimeter you can check the charger output voltage, then check all the individual cell groups. If that does turn out to be the issue an external balancer, lipo charger, will help rectify the issue by either charging or discharging the out of whack group. But knowing that you may have an underlying cell issue that a simple balance won’t fix.

@play2win The BMS is a Bestech BMS I got of BKB a little under 2 years ago.
@A13XR3 I double checked my power supply and that says its outputting 42.1V so I would conquer the issue seems to be the BMS. I also used the multimeter to check each group of cells with the balance wires and they were all at 4.0# volts. Currently that BMS is use for charge and discharge to keep the battery healthy but in the past 2 years I would bet there are other options available now and since the BMS is probably an issue I’m curious what others might suggest as a replacement?