Battery Issue possibly

Hello all. Below is a photo of my battery pack. Opened by enclosure and noticed what looked like burn marks on the battery wrap. Just wondering what I should be doing to address possible issue? I didn’t build the pack, so I’m concerned about having to fix this. If anyone is willing to check out and fix pack, just DM me details. I’m located in US.

Looks like dirt. More pictures


I was hoping that. Doesn’t run off. Looks like maybe Sparks caused it, but why would it stop. Thanks for your feedback

Does/did it smell burnt?

It doesn’t smell burned.

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Have you notice a drop in performance?

It could just be a burn from using a lighter to shrink the shrink wrap. I’d make sure that balance wire isn’t loose.


Cells weren’t insulated properly from the look of it. That burn mark is the least of your worries.

Is it on the outside or inside?

Tell me what I can do about it? Purchased from Psychotiller. I just don’t want to ride and my board for up in flames. The mark is new.

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It’s inside wrap.

I didn’t notice anything the last time I rode. It’s a fairly new build though. So I don’t have to many miles on it. Maybe 25-30 miles.

Oh nvm, if it’s a tiller battery it’s probably good and I just can’t see the insulation. My recommendation would be to take off the shrink wrap and very carefully inspect all the connections for anything loose or broken. Vibrations may have nocked something loose or to close to something else. Did you stay within the batterie’s ratings in your esc? Some people ruin batteries with too high setting for the pack they’re using.

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Is the battery acting fine and charging? Do you have a volt meter to check?

I’m not suggesting Psychotiller did something wrong. The pack fell in my floor while I was sizing the enclosure I was making. The BMS became loose from the wrap. So I’ll check the solder joints.

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Settings I kept low. With the Unity I think I put 50a for Max motor. And like 40a for battery Max discharge. Charge only BMS. With 20a Regen.


What kind of battery is it? 10s4p?

It’s a 12s3P

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seems like you’ve got it down. As long as your pulling a total of 40 battery amps you’re good. But if your running that pack at 80 amps (40amps per vesc) it’s going to die fast because that’s a little high. That pack uses sasmung 30q’s from the looks of it, so in a 12s3p config your max output is 60amps. Your other setting are fine.

So I should have it set at 30a Battery Max? That’s something that I was never clear about when setting up Unity, if those settings was total or each motor. I haven’t been able to drain the pack with my rides. They are usually around 8-10 miles, and my pack is at 55-60% after.

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