Battery isn't working

So i have a mboards 12 s 3p And I was writing the other day and as I was going across the street.It just cut out, but it stayed on kept.Giving me a beep So I came home, put it on the charger and it wouldn’t register on the charger.And when I Had it on the charger?I turned the board on and I didn’t get the error messaging.Anymore act like it was fully charged, but that was because it was plugged into the wall.And as soon as I pulled the wires, it cuts off no power to the wheels, but the lights are still on on the esc. How can I tell if my battery is dead and if I hook it up to a Volt meter?I don’t know how to use one what Setting do i need it on in order to check the battery and what are the correct numbers to see on there?So I know its still good or not. Total newb please help

lol uhhh that second photo is useless, as is the last one, the esc doesn’t have to do with the charging function

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What is happening here with this negative lead solder joint? Looks like it’s almost not even attached to the nickel

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First troubleshooting step for a battery is to measure the parallel group voltages by measuring across adjacent pins on the battery balance connector.

Batteries can be dangerous if handled improperly- if you aren’t familiar with measuring voltage on a multimeter, it might be a good idea to find a friend that could help you in person.


Thats not condensation is it?

No it isn’t

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So helpful. Appreciate all that input and make sure you wave high to your mom from your basement for me okay

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Who built this pack? Those main solder joints are cold af

Not as cold as



I’ve seen boards where people have wired up the charge circuit as part of the main power circuit and it can cause fuckery.

Kinda hard to say what’s going on here, but just straight chopping off the bms like that was a bit savage :rofl:

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can’t help if your information is kinda word vomit and has blurry pictures, :man_shrugging:

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His name is deadcat420, you have a picture of a cat. Drama was written in the sky :smile:

Mboards he said. Just when we thought they restored their reputation for batteries.

They lost their ESC reputation in this post imo, what the hell is that. Lingyi v0.5b? Get that shit outta hereeee

Looks like the bms is cut oof. :sweat_smile: that’s gonna need to be replaced lol. Serious times now that the build quality of mboards hazing is complete lol.

First test voltage at the xt90 - be careful if plugging the bms balance connector in as it can be forced in backwards and will kill it when it shorts out. If your volt meter has long exposed metal probes use some tape to cover everything but the tip. Seriously if you have a friend with any electrical experience it’s probably going to get to opening the pack up and this gets risky so have an exit strategy - no battery work in preschool basements or cluttered work benches that can make small mistakes turn into fiery tragedies that make the news :grin:

Post results and don’t short out anything. Get some good pics and we’ll walk you up to the edge here and get it diagnosed

Get that gatekeeping shit outta hereee



@OP if you pay shipping I’ll ship you a potted version of that esc, might give you a bit more safety while riding in the rain