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Battery, ESC, Remote Question


I’m working on my first build and I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there. I’m not too savvy with forums. So I’m probably asking in the wrong spot, but since I’m a noob please tell me if I need to post this elsewhere.

I’m building a custom AT set up. I have a Backfire Ranger X2 in hub motor and wheel set. What would be the best battery, VESC/FOC Box, and remote to use. They are 1200 watt hub motors, I’m not sure of the kV’s. I’m looking for compatibility and reliability. I was thinking the 10S4P, but I have no idea on what ESC and Remote to use. I don’t want to go 110 mph, I just want to cruise, be safe, have fun, and maximize my distance I can skate. I’m in NorCal east Bay Area.

Thanks In advance for your help and time,


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