Battery Emergency Surgery - Lost a P group! (Part 1) - Another Lee Wright Video)

Well here is Lee’s next video and as he is still on holiday (and I’m also in the video) I thought I would post here.

First off, Lee is the fucking man coming to my rescue with spare cells, BMS and all those other parts I robbed from his workshop. I did loan him half a bag of glue sticks a few months back so it balances out imo (cough)

It was really breaking my heart having to take the pack apart, and yes it is not perfect, and yes maybe too many welds, and also not the best welds (but they still held) but WE FUCKING FIXED IT! Oh shit did I spoil part 2?

Few things I think that are important

  1. Don’t do this unless you are a bit mental as shorting this size pack would be a bit of a nightmare to contain.
  2. Have good friends like Lee around to keep an eye as there were times when I could have shorted something. Lee kept a good eye on what was going on and pointed out if I missed anything (which I did a few times)
  3. Don’t rush & insulate EVERYTHING that is not being worked on at the moment. As soon as you stop, insulate. It only takes seconds to do and you can pull tape off in seconds so it is not much more work but will save your pack or even maybe your house/life. Treat them like a bomb.
  4. Keep your workspace clear and tidy. I try to keep anything metal (tools, nickle strip, wires) well out of the way until needed.
  5. Only ever cut one single wire at a time and then flag the ends with tape.

Ride Safe CMDR’s o7


Sorry Mo… but it is definitely good to have good (and resourceful) friends! Glad you’re back on the road m8!

stress when it happened and all good now. Lee is a legend