Battery configuration / build tool (?)

I was getting tired of diagramming batteries in excel so threw this together yesterday so people interested in getting a battery built can essentially configure their own.

Just select some values and it’ll spit out a bunch of info and diagram the layout.

It’s mostly for me but thought it could be useful.

Testers welcome.


What about tolerance for wires/wrap?

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That’s cool! Checking it out right now. (Also kind of genius marketing.)


Gave it some padding on all sides to allow for just that.

I usually tell people to add an additional 5% to all measurements so there’s not surprises.


Very cool, ingenious.


Holy crap i wish I had bought my batteries from you @thisguyhere very nice work


Super useful when I decide to make my own or buy an 18650 pack



That’s awesome. Needs 13s options tho. Get back to work. Lol

Needs a 12s up to 20p for them high range and high amps

Really nice tool, thank you for sharing. I did not realize using pneumatic tires cut the range in half from urethane!

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Depending on he size and profile it can be a lot more than half.

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Wow I had no idea they made such an impact. Is there a rule of thumb that is typically applied when calculating range between the two? E.g. 200x50mm street tyres at 70psi have x reduction in range over 110mm urethane

Hm…odd number, don’t make me do it.

Maybe a bit later, on some other shit now.

If there’s coders I can make the source available for extending. But it needs a lot of cleanup and is a bunch of spaghetti right now.

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slick thanks!

Just realized it looks like ass on mobile.

Will be fixed on the next update.


Amazing calculator you got here! Is the estimated range for pneumatics for dual or single drive?

And the range for urethane? Single or dual drive?

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really cool man, excellent work

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Pretty sure it’s dual drive, but the energy consumption isn’t as dramatic as a jump when you factor in both motors because they have to work so much less to get you where that single motor did


Nope, I typically just figure what my standard WH usage is on each. There’s a ton of factors in play.


yes, two drives.

just using values i was seeing on my builds. i actually rounded it up.

i usually draw 14Wh / mi on urethane (107mm) dual 6374.

then about 30Wh on 6shooters dual 6374.