Battery cell difference

Hello! I’m building a small dual hub commuter board out of my meepo mini parts, would 25R or 30Q cells be better for this purpose? I could buy a premade meepo battery that is made of 25R cells, or a custom built 30Q cells. Both would be 10s1p. Thanks!

25R are rated for 20A and 30Q have been test for 20A too.

Price the same, I would definitely go with 30Q. It has higher capacity.

That said, a 1P pack would probably sag pretty badly. Your max output is probably only going to be around 20A, maybe 30A short burst.

You may want to look into LiPo packs instead. They have higher C ratings. ie 30C vs 3C

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I have a hobbywing 12a esc, would that prevent the battery sag?

Yes but not for reasons you’re probably thinking.

If you pull a large amount of current, you’ll get voltage sag. This is why batteries usually have multiple cells in parallel to distribute the amount of current coming from each cell.

Now if you limit the amount of current you pull, ie a small esc, you won’t encounter that sag.

That said, you’ll more than likely burn out that esc if this is for eskate operations. 15A is what I’ve seen for cruising however acceleration can reach upwards of 60A.

Most escs (not talking about vesc here) will not limit the amount of current being pulled. That is determined by the motor and battery more or less, ie the system will pull whatever it needs. 12A rating is what that esc is safe up to.

Would a BMS help with the voltage sag, or is it not related? Also thank you for all the information!

It’s not related, voltage sag is mostly impacted by Amp draw and Cell choice

The BMS helps when charging and discharging the battery, making your pack health more easy to monitor and tweak

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30Q has lower internal resistance, so the voltage sag is lower, also has higher energy content, you will go further with them using the same number of cells

For 10S1P I would say neither of them are good, if possible get your hands on 30T or 40T

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