Battery Case Options?

I just finished my board which is based on the BKB “build your own” board, but the BKB case is too small for my battery and VESC among other issues. Has anybody done a DIY case or have some inspiration for me on this?

Maybe a metal casing for something else I can modify? Needs to be at least 2 inches tall and 16 inches long, I just cant find anything even close to that size to use…

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Pelican cases are a great option. Easy to cut holes, and easy to open for maintenance. I’ve got a 12s6p p42a pack in an iM2050 on my Kaly

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I probably should have clarified this is a street board and I need a case that is low profile to an extent. I’m on cloud wheels so I do have a little bit of clearance but I don’t think I can go as big as a Pelican case unless I mount up top

Ah, that’s tricky. Typically enclosures are matched with your deck, so if the “stock” enclosure isn’t to your liking, you’ll have to go DIY.

Easy option is to bench sheet metal or 3D print something, but those options aren’t the most durable.
If you’re willing to put in some effort(a weekend or so), you could make a mold out of foam and do a fiberglass/carbon fiber layup


Our old friend Dave/Psychotiller (RIP) has a post on the old forum from 2015 you can reference. He went on to provide many of us ABS enclosures. You can try to go that route if you wanna DIY. Otherwise reach out to @tomiboi (Kydex), @BigBen (Fiberglass) or @eBoosted (Fiberglass) and get one from them.