Battery buying for DIY

Hello. I am trying to find batteries out there for my DIY. Right now I’m looking for a 12s4p lition battery pack. They are around $450-600. What is anyone’s experience with buying batteries off off which has them for like $200. Good deal or bad quality batteries? How can you really tell what kind of quality batteries you are getting?

Also, I am in the market for this type of battery so if you have one your willing to sell. Let me know.

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In our experience they’re generally bad, and a bad purchase decision.


You have no idea, it’s really a shot in the dark, especially you have no idea what the cells are

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I have A123 cells I’m selling for a buck each and 95% capacity minimum.

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Where are you from? if in the US, it might be a good idea to commission someone on here to make you a good battery. You could have peace of mind that the cells are good and you won’t need to buy supplies and a welder to make your own battery, unless you already have all that.


Or just go lipo and easy and cheap and better performance. Welding together so many cylindrical cells is kinda ridiculous…the Tesla seems even more so. I’m still wondering the benefits of all these little cells. More risk of a problem but at least more in parallel to keep things balanced when it does go wrong.

lmao what are you on about


Just saying having maybe 50 separate cells welded in a deck that’s going to be smacked around a lot…there’s a lot of risks vs fewer cells. Maybe lipo ironically safer. I’ve seen a couple ion fires

I mean there’s only like 10k + boards with liion batteries and not that many fires

There is no other good option, lipo isn’t a good option because it doesn’t have the range density

Many including myself have used lipo. It’s a lot easier.

Easier sure, better, definitely not. Unless you’re making a light jumper build

Liion just has way more range available, when you build it right

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Other than range I feel like lipo is better though. Less sag and more consistent discharge voltage. To each their own just saying it’s an option with some benefits

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Cars use lots of small cells because the size and shape can be changed extremely easily, the price is generally less since the cell size is standard and produced in millions+, and the space between the cells allows for cooling.


There’s more downsides than range, but you are correct that each battery chemistry has it’s place. Notably sensitivity to physical abuse and the higher requirements for keeping a lipo pack at proper storage voltage as often as possible.

Actually the only characteristic lipos really excel at is power density (and good voltage curve). Li-ion and LiFePo have the advantage in all other aspects.

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If I had access to lipo, I would definitely have a build with them in it. They pack a punch and I think require less work to install.

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A hell of a lot less work.

LiPo fires tend to be a bit more spectacular than Li-ion fires. Even in cases of disproportionate comparisons.

In terms of physical damage, the likelihood of a robustly made li-ion pack taking physical abuse in a board and surviving without fanfare is a bit higher. And, it’s currently a bit easier to suit a li-ion build to currently available deck style and accompanying enclosures.


I don’t have one available but I could definitely build you a custom battery in that price range. Probably on the lower side of it depending on specifics. Pm if Interested. You can check out some of my work here: Big Reds Boards

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