Battery and enclosure for Evo LY Falcon build

As title states I’m want to build stealth oriented DD from torque.
I’m want the SS enclosure from I then of coarse need the battery to fit.

Heres the question? When I look on site all batteries are on back order.
What is best way to get battery that fits enclosure? I’m willing to go private party on commissioned building from know quality builder from this site or order from supplier but struggling to find.


I think he makes batterys to order.

Maybe @eBoosted can fill u in.


Yep exactly. Just pm him and he will arrange things with you. Excellent customer service and some of the best made battery packs everr. :wink:


Also welcome to the best forum in the world :grin:


Thanks appreciate it.


Welcome, Sam. @eBoosted is a great guy to deal with.


Hello, yes, they are backordered but in fact it should say made-to-order. It means, I’d take around 20 days to build you a battery pack since you place the order, the main benefit is to save of shipping costs as the battery and enclosure would be shipped on the same parcel.

My batteries can a bit more expensive (just a bit) buy I guarantee they are made with the best parts available and are pretty well constructed :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for reaching out. I would like to talk some spec’s (Though I’m still very new to most of this) and I know you May want a more direct line or is this forum good.

Basic questions - there are two 12p4s packs listed that fit the SS enclosure, one being made from 30q and one being made from 30t. From a practical standpoint knowing the enclosure I want to use can you suggest which would be better.

30qs are better in the sense that theyre

a) cheaper
b) smaller
c) lighter - by such a thin margin it really shouldnt matter unless youre going 5/6p+

30ts are better because:

a) less voltage sag with the same amp load

30t is like a 30q+, if you really want more range (at the expense of losing high amp capabilities) go 40t.

Unless youre limited by price, 30ts get my vote.

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Thanks for the input.

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If u gonna use TB DD id go for the 21700 packs 30T/40T.

Those motor can Handel 80Amps each.
I don’t know what ESC u gonna use but if u gonna buy a battery it’s just simpler to get the biggest that fits ur setup.


FYI: 12S4P

Welcome to the forum!


I’ve been running 120 motor amps on mine just fine for a couple weeks now, and 80 battery amps each… only reached 106 motor amps max but still no issues.

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:+1: yea that is what I meant to type, I swear. :sunglasses:

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It’s all good! We are all here to criticize and call you out!! It’s honest work we put in.

Btw, I have a 12s4p 30q in my evo, it’s a peppy little build during the first 50-60% of the charge then I start feeling the sag. It’s not a huge amount but it’s there.

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It depends on what deck choose to go with.

All theses deck/enclosure combos will take 12S5P 18650 or 12S4P 21700

LY Switchblade 40"
LY Evo Falcon 40"
Subsonic Century 40"
Subsonic GT40

If you want range 12S4P 21700 40T
If you want real rocket to climb any hill with average range 12S4P 21700 30T
If you want to keep cost down 12S5P 18650

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How does the DD compare to belt driven 6374? I guess my question is what the torque curve is like compare to 6374s?

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Sorry I can’t tell never tried direct drive motor before.
Would love to try TBDD though.

With belt u could change pulley ratio simple.
U can really dail in ur ride trough change off pulley
Like example low teeth motor pulley gives ur higher Tourqe. Bigger motor Pulley gives u higher too speed but u loose a bit of the Tourqe.
That just the top of the ice berg.
U can change wheel pulleys, Voltage, motor KV, Vesc settings and wheel sizes, etc. Be aware be very aware this sort of experiments will make ur wallet a bit thin.

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Thanks for info. I will be reaching out to you in an few weeks for the battery build.

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