Batteries well under voltage

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I finished and have been riding my board with no problems for years now, but have recently run into some issues. Over the summer I didn’t ride my board as I was away. I had a car for the past few months so I didn’t really use my board much when I did come home. My lease is now ending and my batteries won’t charge as I’m sure they are well under voltage. Is there any chance they are salvageable or do I need to buy new ones? And if so, who would be the go to vendor for a 12S3P pack nowadays (haven’t been on in years, sorry). Thanks

no, why? see this video:

where u located?

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b careful make sure you charge them outside where it doesn’t burn anything.lots of shitty bmses can’t handle that can of situation without overcharging some p groups

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then u got plenty of options:


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specifically @A13XR3 , hes somewhat close to atl iirc


I’m no longer located in ATL but only a couple hours away in Tennessee.

Happy to help out


idk, im just listing out everyone i know that do custom battery pack in the US :stuck_out_tongue: maybe i missed someone else, idk

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