Batteries in the UK

Hi everyone,

I am in need of help. I’ve been on the hunt for a battery pack for my diy board. Does anyone know of any UK friendly places to purchase one from? I have seen a few in the USA, but import duties are a killer.

Depending on price I am looking for 10S2P up to 10S6P.

The board will be for the street so will be mounted on the bottom of the board. I will be using 2 x 6355 motors at the moment.

Many thanks in advanced.

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depedning on what you want i have a 12s6p i am selling

also @Lee_Wright @tinp123 @acido @Anubis all make batteries for uk


I have a max 580 mm distance between trucks with a max width for an enclosure of 175 mm.

I would like the enclosure to be max 150mm in width.

This space needs to give space for my esc for dual motors which I haven’t chosen yet. I don’t want to have a huge enclosure so 12S6P will probably be large for me.

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ah ok thats fine
its just cause i have it around and its used and cheap
dunno its measuements sorry

one of the builders above can def make you something nice though

Thanks for your insights and help.