"Banner" Space minimizing? Is it possible?

Hi! Relatively new to this forum but I sort of found by going to the esk8.news site…

Been an somewhat active forum member at electric skateboard builders, so the info there and what is becoming accessible here is what really completes the picture, I think, for enthusiasts starting in esk8 building :wink:

Though, so not to talk too much around:

Is it possible to resize/reduce banner space? Maybe there is browser hack or something, how to edit the banner “window” size?

Im only using 15" laptop monitor, so that reduced reading space is a bummer…

I guess im really used to how much “reading space” esk8 forum has… so this was the sort of the first disadvantage to this forum style and the way it is formated.

Though, I really like the “Adress Bar” here… and would love to see some more sites, (hint, like this one: https://esk8builds.com/ ) added there, that seems like really good space to use, to easily give more links/useful websites to others.

Happy esk8ing non the less, hope this platform also grows, as Im seeing quite a potential here

I thought the banner space is especially that big as the idea was/is to use this for paid advertisement in future. Paid advertisement will fund the monthly cost and hold it somewhat independent.


I browse at work in a small window I can easily hide if I need to like 6 inch by 6 inch. Smaller banner would be cool but it’s not a big issue for me.

eventually there will be ad space there


Ah I see. Well I guess will need to adapt to this forum layout then.

I do like ad space option, should open up possibility to offer good deals from various vendors not just enertion ha