Backfire zealot

Is there any way I can remove the battery for the zealot and get a much larger one to extend the range maybe like a 48v battery?Board has xt60 connector for the discharge

Zealot has a 50.4v 12s2p battery. You could get a top mount battery with more capacity, like a 12s6p or 12s8p. You wouldn’t have to change the ESC, but you would need to rout your wires up to the top mount box. I don’t know how many battery amps the Zealot pulls from the factory but if an XT60 was on there, it would be fine for a larger battery as long as you stick with the factory ESC.


I have a top mounted 12s8p p42a battery available that would work for your board if interested. Range for days on urethane. Messaged you details.