Backfire stock race in China

Would be cool to see more companies doing stock races like this.


Haha nice looked fun. Dude really recovered.

Awesome footage, amazing skills, and good edit. Love it.

Some crazy drifts from those guys and pretty serious leans w/major puck use. Someone suggested there be a thane race at esk8con instead of EUC, and if it turns out to be something like this, that would be so entertaining to watch!

And the ending - beautiful.


How is the second guy holding the remote and using pucks in both hands? :open_mouth:

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i was doing some casual scrolling the other day on ig and ran across these


Based on my experience with riders pushing the limits of thane, there will be a lot of injuries.


In the EU in all 4 of the races I’ve been to there was a thane class and I haven’t seen an injury on thanes during either race


Nice find. Makes me think we could 3D print a similar holder for other remotes :face_with_monocle:. Very clever.

I’m this case thumbwheel works better than a trigger though.

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@Zachsnotboard proved that doing this was an awful idea. Even if the remote isn’t in direct contact with the ground, the impacts are gonna be transfered in, and it’s gonna damage the electronics.

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Tbh thane is less dangerous, slower speeds and no foot straps


I used to put a puck over the remote but now I think it’s better to use puck risers to be greater than the remote height and hold the remote with Velcro in front of the slide pucks like you see in the other picture. Getting a raith soon, they seem to have the best solution with the brass knuckle style


Yeah I’ve been pushing thane class or stock class if a company could do that. I think M boards mentioned on their discord they want to try a race with their boards only as well.

Urethane racing could make the barrier to entry less and the pay to win meta not be as much of a thing imo


Yeah, I wouldn’t do it either.

I really like the idea of a remote that can take the abuse of racing and real world falls. I hope to see a really durable stock remote in the near future.

I think a stock class on urethane wheels would be a good idea. I think stock class in general is a good idea.

This is a good way for people to get into racing without having to invest tons of money into higher power boards. Ultimately it is about having fun and getting people engaged in the sport.


I had a friend in China send several videos of the event from his perspective. It looks like it was really well organized and the track is really nice. It would be nice to make a race like this in other places.


IMO, this is asking for trouble with the puck. The potentiometer on the puck is fragile. I battle hardened mine with jb weld and the potentiometer still failed after a few hundred miles of gentle use all the same. I thought it would protect it by permanently affixing the solder to pcb spots, but it just made it impossible to repair :confused: . My mistake on that one. I broke another one by dropping it, but hoyt team repaired that one for free, which was very cool

This is cool.

They briefly mention making the “finals”. Anyone know any more? I wonder how many people got to race in this event?