Backfire hubs with VESC

Has anyone upgraded their Esc to VESC on backfire G2T or G2 galaxy, if yes how do the motors hold up and how much more current are you pushing? Thanks :slight_smile:

I did this but only as a test. I tried it with fsesc 4.21 and backfire g2 2019. it works about the same as the stock esc. those motors cant handle much amps anyway without overheating so there not much reason to upgrade to a vesc.


Yeah ik they were pretty hot stock, but my controller broke , and im getting the CHEAP FOCer 2 for $50 for two plus $50 for remote so same price as a replacement from backfire… Maybe If i drilled some holes in the covers it would perform better lol


You can always run autodetect on Vesc tool and see what it gives you. Then ride that for a bit and observe how hot they get

If it works out you can start bumping settings up


What would happen if I dumped like 100 amps on them for like 5 seconds. would that immediately destroy them or only long term overheating would kill them? Thx

No idea, I haven’t tried. They might just saturate and start to overheat very quickly

Im pretty sure 100A would not instantly kill it. But you also wouldn’t gain much power over ~50A

You can run them at like twice the ratet current for short accelerations if you have the discipline to not push it all the way for to long.

But if they already run hot on the old Controller it does not really make sense to increase the current that much. Correct me if I’m wrong but those China controllers use like 15-20 A per motor?

So you could try like 25A and have a close look at the temperature.

It uses a hobbywing esc with 53v max capacitors so not the 12s version and If I recall correctly I saw somewhere that its actually 12 amps per motor, which would make sense since the G2T has 350W hub motors, but I think it could provide like 2-3 times that in the turbo mode setting, also I meant 100 amps to both motors so 50a to one, also the motors get hot after staying on the throttle for 5 minutes going uphill, then they got real hot and the torque was significantly reduced… with my 10s4p 30q battery which also gives it more power than the stock one…