Backfire g2 Black 2020 - $380

The board has under 20 miles on it. Comes with all full accessories and box. Located in NYC, I can ship anywhere in US if you cover the cost.
Price $380

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Youre gonna want to make a single thread for all your items pls


too late now unfortunately lol


This is how YouTube makes ya hustle for any cash these days I guess


I have these boards that are sitting and I think it will be cool to find them a new home that will bring some use and joy.


No hate here dude, I understand/respect the hussle.
With enough views and quality production you could make them pay you so you don’t have to hock preproduction boards to make your time worth it.
Good luck dude

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How do you know I am not getting paid? The boards that I really like I ride but I can’t ride more than one board at the time. For offroad I use S2 4x4, for city Eovan and onewheels when it rains…:slight_smile: These are my most favorite.

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Sorry, I dunno. If you are, then do giveaways with these, get more viewers, then leverage that for more$$.


Anyways, glws

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Long shot but if this is about still would u sell the esc and hubs ?

Also if so what connectors does the esc and motors use ?