Avio AT Drive MK1 (Test Set) for sale

Selling a test set of an Avio AT Drive MK1 (Straight-Cut Gears) + (Optional Herringbone Gears).

Wheels, trucks and motors are sold separately. Purchase them from @haggyboard.timo , at haggyboard.com
We have one last set of ALU-ALU Herringbone gears that can be purchased with this set for an additional $150 + shipping.

What’s Included:

Material Component Colour Qty New or Used?
AL7075-T6 Motor Mount Black 2 New
AL7075-T6 Cover Black 2 New
AL7075-T6 Pinion Gear 16T Black 2 Used (250ish miles)
POM Spur Gear 60T White 2 Used (250ish miles)
Nylon PA12 Wheel Adapter Grey 2 Used
Nitrile Rubber V-Ring Black 2 New
- M3x25mm Screw - 12 Used
- M5x15mm Screw - 6 New
- M8x35mm Set Screw - 6 New
- 6801 Bearing - 2 Used (250ish miles)
- 6805 Bearing - 2 Used (250ish miles)
- 3-DP Squaring Jig - 1 New

What’s a test set?

It’s essentially a new Avio AT MK1 Gear Drive set with old gears and wheel adapters. (about 250ish miles on them).


Price (Straight-Cut Gears): 200usd + shipping. (shipping will be roughly 30usd)

Price (Herringbone Gears): 350usd + shipping. (shipping will be roughly 40usd)

The difference in shipping is because the herringbone gears and the MK1 Avio Drive will be shipped from 2 different countries.

We expect the MK2 to be in stock in mid-Jan if you want to wait till then for herringbone gears (:


Wait so is it 150 for the gears?


Yeap, that’s right. These are the MK1 gears.


Sold. @BillGordon do help to close it. Someone’s santee will be getting this. :smiley:


woah… lucky fella!