[AU] WTS Finality AT Gears: Hyper Trucks SOLD

3D Servisas Finality AT Gear Drive: Hyper Trucks

Selling for $650 AUD
First Photo is stock photo to see what you get all in one photo

These are to fit the Hyper trucks, alternative to the Falcon drives, comes with hubs, front and rear sealed bearings
Gears will come re assembled, stripped them for cleaning,
will also come with both tubs of lubricants for installation, will also replace the lock nuts with new ones and throw in some spares

Comes with the Lacroix motor adapter plates
Comes with the bash gaurds as well

$1,150 value



I was like “fuck that’s a steal”
And then I saw



Haha, i defs wouldnt be selling hyper trucks for 650 haha, they are 1250 a set though i am selling my LSSS haha so technically im selling them

You ship international?

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Yes i dont mind i just add shipping to price