Attaching a Handle

Hey, family!

I’m undergoing some DIY adventures here, and I’m attaching a kayak handle/handles to my board. Yes, they’ll be bolted through the existing holes drilled into my enclosure and board. No, there isn’t a healthy amount of extra room to make new holes…big rule of engineering is to use what you already have. I’m using strip aluminum for supports so that I won’t be putting all that stress on the enclosure. Here’s the question. The order of application is under discussion here. Should the order be (top to bottom as mounted onto the screws)


Or…Board, handle, enclosure, aluminum? I’m thinking the first option is the best. Washers will be used to disperse the stress on the enclosure as the final piece on the screws.


the screw going thru the board into the handle is taking all the force of the handle, after that it doesnt really matter. the aluminum isnt necessary unless your TB case is cracked or using it as a reinforcement for case purposes only… but i would probably put the aluminum external on the case so you dont have to use washers as the aluminum would be acting as one.

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If a removable strap is an option, search hoverboard handles on Amazon. Looks like it work work for a smaller deck.

So the force of carrying this 30lbs chungus won’t put any force on the enclosure…just on the screws themselves? They’re set in the board as well with those screw-set things that drill into the deck.

Does the screw show on the top deck like a phillips head or is the screw just a stud?


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Just making sure the screw went all the way thru the deck… If it was a stud mounted in a deck insert only that would be questionable…

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Did you mount the handle and have some pictures how it looks like, please?