are these sensor cables that came with my vesc?


i’m converting an eovan over as their customer support wasn’t the best and the company has since went down. I bought a mboards dv4s and it came with some connectors and cables. i’m new to this and don’t know what’s what. some of its pretty obvious eg. the bullet connectors, power button, bluetooth connector etc. I have some cables which I have no idea what they are for.

i’m planning on using the original eovan motors and need to convert them to use bullet connectors and sensor cables. the bullet connectors are easy enough but I don’t know what sensor cable goes in each pin of the connector as well as if the wires that were included were motor sensor cables.


these are the different cables that came with the vesc

6 pin cable: sensors

4 pin cable: power button

3 pin cable: remote

8 pin: eludes me right now, what features does your esc/motors have?


Probably UART


the 4 pin is a power button? the vesc came with a power button and it has 3 pin connector.

what is uart? cant seem to find alot of info in one spot.

as for the sensor cables do they have to mounted in the connector in a certain order or is it correct that there’s only 2 important ones and the rest can be random?

Save yourself the headache and use Amass brand MR60 connectors instead of trash bullet connectors. Soldering ability is a prerequisite for these types of repairs.

wouldn’t mr60 connectors also need to be soldered?

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You need to find a pin-out for your esc

Look for the model number on your esc & google it + pinout, if nothing comes back maybe email the company asking for one. Or crack the case open & see if pinout is printed onto the pcb

It could be the case that the 4pin header on the esc is for the power button & the button supplied is only 3 pin. The missing pin is likely for Illumination, if your button doesn’t look like it has an LED in it that makes sense.

But posting a picture of the breakout would be best

mr60’s do indeed need soldered. real g’s can perform such feats with a bic lighter and a nail.

how’s this?

is this the pinout labelled on the front?


That’s awesome! I actually did the same thing here:

DV4S and all.


If you’re not yet confident enough, it’s possible you may be able to find an RC hobby shop willing to do it for you. Soldering is certainly an incredibly useful skill for this and many other hobbies (or a way of life for @b264) though most people here, me included, would recommend you start practicing.

Yes, there are occasionally changes in the pinout between versions of the same speed controller, it is worth checking either:

1: if you already have the DV4S, look at the ESC itself, each individual pin is labeled on the top.

2: if you can’t physically check the DV4S itself, you can likely email mboards support to get confirmation that the pinout from their website matches the version that you have.


or even a computer repair shop.

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Yes, and you’re in luck! Because the best time to learn how to solder is right now!

And you’re in a place with tons of resources for learning how.


its the way you mentioned soldering being a required skill and then suggested the mr60’s. I thought they might have been some sort of friction snap on connection or something. as for soldering I haven’t done a ton but am confident I can make it half decent. the bullet connectors I filled with solder and have cut the wire to length, heated the connector full of solder and pushed the cable into it securing it in place.

the thing I need to read up on is the sensor cables and how to get them in that connector.


do you know whether this vesc has an antispark switch built in? it makes no sense if not and so then you’d need 2 switches. 1 from the battery to the vesc and the 1 that came with the vesc itself.

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It does indeed, mine is built into the 8pin uart port but I Believe later versions of the ESC have a separate 3pin switch port (I believe it’s the far right port on the ESC)

does yours not have the 3 pin connector on the far right? and did yours arrive with a power button with a cable already installed with it? mine came with a power button with a 3 pin connector. not a hell of a lot of information for any of this stuff.

My on/off button uses 3 pins out of an 8 pin connector leaving the other 5 connection points empty like this:

This is the pinout for my switch/uart port:

I believe your uart port and switch port are separate like this picture.

Notice on the far right of the mboards picture there’s a port with pins: SW 5V and GND
Does your DV4S have the SW pin inside the uart port (8pin like mine) or does yours have a separate 3pin port for SW 5V and GND like in the picture from mboards?


sorry I just saw your response. for some reason i’ve not been getting any notifications. esc has 3 pin connector that sits on the far right like in the picture. I dont have any label for sw anywhere else.

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Don’t worry about the mr60’s they’re too tight for the phase leads on maker esc’s without modifying them anyway. There’s nothing wrong with bullets