Are these goals realistic? $900 budget first build

Hello! :wave: This is my first post on this forum.

Disclaimer: I am very, very, new to this type thing. I’ve have owned pre-built eboards but have never built anything from scratch.

I’ve spent quite a few hours going through stickied posts and FAQs, but I apologize ahead for what will probably still quite ‘nooby’. Hopefully, you guys can point me in the right direction? :grimacing:

I’m looking to build a shortboard for campus riding. Ideally, I’d like to build it on a Landyachtz Tugboat 30" or Dinghy Blunt 28.5" with 80mm Kegel wheels and these specs:

  • < 20lbs / ~9kg
  • range of at least 10 miles / ~16km
  • speed of at least 20 mph / ~32km/h
  • belt driven either single or dual

I’m opting for less speed and range, for portability and and smaller form factor.

Is this reasonably obtainable for this budget?

I’ve thought about the BKB Tayto Kit, but was curious to if I could build something that better fit my needs.

Regardless, I’m going to take my time and continue doing research.

Thanks! -Will


very good start


you could maybe do this for $900. Just make sure you research the inevitably cost effective parts you you will end up using. I think there is some decent stuff out there though.


Bkb is ur best bang for buck especially if u go dual u get a xenith esc


i second that. BKB is likely your best option.


go with bkb. itll get you on a running board a lot faster and easier, and is a good starting platform. you could for sure make a better board, if you part hunted and got good deals and were willing to spend months on end researching and awaiting parts and putting them together and tuning them and etc. but you could still do that with a running board, and if youre interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole, youll have a functional base, a better one than most complete boards in that price range, or kits like revel would give you.


you could start here:
BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit – Build Kit Boards

and then move to a different deck later if you want… and then eventually upgrade the battery and enclosure… welcome to diy esk8.


Would you recommend the Duo Kit over the Tayto?

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on second thought yeah get the tayto dual. the battery is the same and the enclosure looks like it will take deck swaps just as easy. its the better deal.