Are the flipsky the best budget remote?

think im going to take the gamble and go with the vx1?

Gamble with your safety :man_shrugging: save the $60

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im on a reall budget, id lieke to get the round one it looks good, if i get a years guarentee with it, i think if it works for a year then it will go on from there?

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Dinner with Grandma last night was $60. I’d say my peace of mind is worth about as much if not more. But we are all in different situations. I understand if people are already scraping hard enough to get a full build together. That being said, last time I slammed I spent about $30 bucks on first aid treatments. Puck can easily pay for itself after a couple of those if that’s the case


@Kellag didn’t you buy safety gear on Amazon :rofl:


Yeah there’s quality shit man


It’ll work for a long time

i have to pay import tax and international shipping as well :{{

32$ here


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@jonisingt35r 30,44€ shipped to Spain

And the VX2 for less than 48€:


mmm sre they reliable?

The vx1s have been reliable for a lot of us here. I imagine it’s one of the more widely used remotes, too.

My vx2 has been solid, but it doesn’t have the established history like the 1 has.


I’ve been riding with my VX-1 for about a month now, had no issues in PPM or UART modes- so far it’s been super reliable for me, but I’m guessing my environment is far less EMF dense than other places.

ok VX-1 it is thanks

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yes. I don’t like the way it feels in my hand, so i probably didn’t give it a fair trial.


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Give it another chance and use it for a bit, it melts into your hand after a while, I can’t use anything else now. Also its the best build quality and connection on the market

ok. Send me yours.


Bastard :joy:

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Of course everyone is going to have varying experiences but I have used the VX1 for about 4 months without a single connection drop.

My only issues are that the roll to start feature on the Unity does not play nice with the VX1 (Flipsky problem) and when I had Meepo hubs @ 45 amps the lower speed modes were practically useless because there was not torque. With TB DD at 70amps the speed modes are much more usable.

Stop flirting with me in public.

Weird. What does it do? which one do you have to turn on first to get it to work, the board or the remote?