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Are “Ovonic” lipos any good?

I’m thinking about purchasing a 6S 12ah 15c “Ovonic” battery on Amazon. I searched the forum and didn’t any reviews or opinions about this brand of lipo so I wanted to ask. It gets decent reviews on Amazon but our application is different from that of the average user I’m assuming. I know 15C is pretty anemic for esk8 but I’m planning on using two in parallel on a 2WD 100KV Maytech hub board. It’ll be a slow cruiser. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience!

I’ve used about 4-5 different brands of lipos over the last 6 years, and have never heard of Ovonic before.

15c is actually pretty good for a 12,000mah lipo.

What’s the best brand ur opinion

Tattu, Chinahobbyline, and Turnigy Graphenes are my personal favorites.


My only experience with lipos is with Turnigy Graphenes and they’ve been great. I’m afraid of the “you get what you pay for” result if I purchase the Ovonic ($99 vs $175 for the same voltage, C rating, mAH). Thank you for your replies.


That is a reasonable concern to have, especially with lipos.
Since the ones we use are primarily used/sold for hobbyists, there is really no regulation or serious pressure on the manufacturers to keep them honest like there is for the big cylindrical cell makers (Samsung, Panasonic, Molicel, etc) and they don’t have to provide datasheets, so the capacity ratings (or rating methods), and especially the discharge ( “C” ) ratings can be significantly inflated, because bigger numbers are better in the eyes of the average hobbyist, and they aren’t likely to stop and think “wait a minute, this 15Ah 20C lipo is the same size and weight as that 12Ah 10C one I saw last week. Something doesn’t add up.”


Ovonics are dope. I have a ton of their 2s and 3s packs 500-5500mah. Most of them are running RCs, but I have two esk8 packs made of them as well.

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Thanks for sharing your experience @RyEnd! I’ll try them out and provide feedback on the particular battery I plan on buying. Same listed specs as the Turnigy Graphene so I’ll have the opportunity to compare the two.

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