Arduino Nano / Heltec Lora 32 | EU

I was thinking that many people here do DIY stuff probably involving many Microcontrollers as a heart.
Since Amazon sells you a nano for 10$, I think it makes sense to buy these from China in large amounts. For 10$ you can’t get 5pcs there, including headers.
Same goes for the Heltec Lora 32 boards.
I know these aren’t aaas popular as arduino Nanos, but maybe some people here build remotes that have them or just wanna test out the module (it’s awesome, believe me).
They’re 15$ a piece… Don’t know about bulk.
We can make suggestions and what to buy and see if there’s interest for certain parts.
I would like to get a voice recognition module for example :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has connection to sellers?

Ouh and I would like to buy OLEDs too!