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Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

@kook is your man.


Remote connected on the uart port on master vesc and bluetooth module on uart slave vesc: can or can’t do?

Nah those are like 1A rated.

Similar plastic one that shows rating.

Best to just find one that has a current rating at or above your desired charge rate.

I bought these the other day. All metal and 10A rated.


Hey All, I’m currently waiting for all my parts to arrive and been seeing tons and tons of folks use Metr logs to aid in troubleshooting. I feel like this would be a very wise purchase to make as a new builder.

My question: what is the difference between Metr Pro and Metr Pro Unity? Is it just the small form factor that allows the unity to fit inside the enclosure? I’m in for a purchase of two NeoBox V6’s and curious which of the two Metr options would be best for this ESC as well as any additional information you think I need to know about Metr. Thanks!

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if you’re purchasing neoboxes, you want the metr pro, not the metr pro unity


All secrets will be revealed. BTW, one of the very best sellers on here.


That answers it, thanks for the quick solve

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yep can do. Connect them via Can and you are good to go. Make sure to set your “App settings” to UART on both vescs

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Thank you!
It’s a dual vesc, i assume it’s already internally connected?

Thanks for the link! Definitely going through this thread now.
Followup question though, do most folks who have Metr use it to setup/change their ESC config settings over manually configuring in the VESC software?

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it depends on the vesc. Some do it internally, some still need a canbus cable.


fuck NO… that’s fukking plastic

probably rated for less than an amp


looks like @Venom121212 already sorted you!

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Mfw I said 2A, someone else said 1A and now its less than 1… Lol…

Tbh I have used those exact ones for 4A and no melty, 2 is a safe number

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if you say so… I’ve never found a fukkin plastic 5.5x2.1 female panel mount charge adapter rated higher than an amp…

I’m not rigid… or steadfast… you can use $1 charge port on your multi-hundred dollar board…

I really don’t care…

I use 10amp rated adapters for EVERY board… fukk ya get like 5 for $10bux…


Oh trust me, I spec every battery with a 10A port. But I have a handful of those little guys for tiny project things lol

You know what they say, it’s the little things that matter :joy:

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while i can’t speak for anyone else, i do get the impression that most people do use their metr pro to setup and change their esc config settings



glad to hear it… I’ve recently made a conversion all my 12s boards have 5.5x2.1 plugs and all my 10s boards have 5x5x2.5 plugs… that way I can’t fat finger a 12s 8amp charger into a 10s board… jajajajaja

I’m building a village for my idiot self… hahahahaha

and yeah… they’re all labeled but sometimes i might get st00pid…


Thanks for the Intel- Ordered one! This sub sure is dangerous. Longer I stick around the lighter my wallet gets

Success! I guess it helps to plug in to CHANNEL 2 on the Mini remote receiver. Duh.

Guess I’m sticking with what works for these Maytech 4.12 singles: FW 3.38 and VESC Tool v0.94 .
Since I’m new to all this VESC business I guess I’ll try out BLDC and FOC sensorless before hooking up the sensors. Figure I will learn better by feeling & experiencing the differences.

Q. What would be one convincing reason to motivate me to upgrade to newer Firmware ?

@DKAY what @sesat said I very accurate. Just don’t use it for motor detection… that tends not go so well for some.

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