Anything Direct Drive related (SERIOUS)

Silent but got pretty warm/hot and something quickly went wrong somewhere. They stopped selling it and use different drive gear and call it the k2. Hence selling these kits now as they need to get rid of them.

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I understand they are 80KV so it’s probably better not to run them with big wheels
Well, I will see

Both wheels ive run are 105mm. Even 1 inch kerbs hits the motors like a mf, i wouldnt want any smaller wheel. Actually mine came with a few marks probably just from the factory test.

The problems started before the motor dents btw. I just kept trying to enjoy it at 20mph max but then the brakes went so stopped using it.

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Got my AEboard DDs
They look fine
Do you know those adapters? Looks like they are hybrids kegel And ABEC
Could this be? :heart_eyes:

Also who knows what is the schematics of this plug? It’s phases + sensor?

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Dead upload, retry

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Thanks, now let’s pray they respected the standard… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you chop that plug off, chances are good that the wires inside will be something like this:

3 bigger wires:

  • Phases: Color/order doesn’t matter if you’re running them on a VESC.

6 smaller wires:

  • Red: 3V or 5V to feed the sensors.
  • Black: ground.
  • White: temp sensor
  • Blue/Yellow/Green (maybe): These three are your hall sensors, color/order doesnt matter if you’re running them on a VESC.

Ok I’ll chop it off, thanks!

And what about this adapter?
Have you ever seen this?
I swear theyr came with ABEC wheels but my TB110 seems to also fit :sweat_smile:

certainly looks like a hybrid adapter, mainly question would be does it fit all 3 type of core, real abec / fake abec and kegel


You know for a fact or you suppose?
I didn’t push my kegel wheels too much but even if it seems to get in, the wheel was not as close to the drive as the ABEC core one

i know another hybrid adapter exist, but it was a gear drive, and i have that drivetrain, so i know it works for both core (either real or fake abec, i forgot)

this dd adapter could have just implemented the same pattern on their adapter to make it work

that’s good to know!
What’s the name of your gear drive so that I can look if the shape is indeed identical?

avio mk2 gear drive

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Can’t find it, would you send me a picture? :sweat_smile:

What d’you guys think
My TB110 have an offset core which create a gap with the motor
So I had an idea… turn the wheel 180° and voilààààà!
(That’s also good because the front truck I received is shorter than the rear axle :joy:)

  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea, you’ll die
  • Stop annoying us with those damn DDs taht no one care about except you

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should be fine as long as spokes goes in enough the core

my fucking chrome won’t let me upload pic…for some reason


Yeah it’s the same except I don’t have the black spokes
So probably gonna break after 10 km :joy:

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the black spokes are just regular cap head screws, they are needed for one of the two cores (and of course i don’t remember which one :joy:

this drivetrain has been sitting in my cupboard for at least a year now