Anyone worked on a fiik big daddy?

Looking at you @Dareno I’m sure you strut around the sunshine coast demanding to be called by that name.

Friend of mine has one of these monstrosities and is strangely attached to it. I think he enjoys changing the brushes and pushing it home when it stops after 6km. All efforts to get him to part ways have failed. as has his 25kg lead acid batteries.

Question is, does anyone know what the low volts cut out is ? and has anyone swapped the massive 800watt motor out for some tiny 3kw outrunner?

Pic for attention

(Pic removed, cause WTF? @mmaner)


First build.

The insult renders your application invalid

Tell your ‘friend’ its all your fault



Tell him new replacement Lead batteries cost $1500 because it’s a certain specific kind.

Take the board to your house.

Convert it to a massive LiFePO4 pack and VESC.

Give it back with 4 times the range and battery life. Tell him it’s the new Lead batteries that work so well. Oh and I lost your charger, here’s a new one

Also write “Lead Brand :tm: battery” on the LiFePO4 pack with a marker so you don’t have to lie to your friend.


seriously tho @DarenoPreformatted text did you end up finding a straight swap outrunner?

I put a 280 kv racerstar with a hobbywing car esc and an 8s lipo.

If he wants to keep the lead batteries then battery world have them for 60 bucks a piece. They are just standard 12 v bike batteries.

Brian you muppet.

You need a brushless esc for the motor.

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no way I am putting lead acids back into that thing, he rides with me, I want him to keep up.

The only good acid was the stuff the beatles were on when they wrote sargent peppers.

Take it you had to ghetto a bracket.


Ghetto’d the whole thing.

Enclosure is huge so it all goes in.

The most reliable iteration of my kids murder board was a hobbyking 4.12 via 2 4s lipos and the racerstar 280. GT2B remote. Ran fine for 2 years. With the big daddy I would go lower kv and 10s

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A VESC will drive a brushed or brushless motor. Keep the brushed one if you want to… …for now :smiling_imp:

really ? This sucker is 2 wire


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1st and 3rd wires - got it - thanks men. you too daddy


I could tell you how the first 2 esc’s went poof but make your own mistakes brother.

One of those is it possible on paper or in reality?

Good luck.

get a new motor. trust me.

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Mistakes ? Like this ?


Oh yeah.

See Karl I do and Brian reads. That fucking fiik build took longer than any other I have ever taken on and cost more I reckon.

Could do one now in my sleep but at the time…not so much but it holds a dear place in my heart.