Anyone using these 3000mAh 18650’s?

Vapcell K30
Vapcell S30
Efest purple 35A “max” rated
Murata VTC6

In addition to the Samsung 30Q and LG HG2 I am doing a “best” 3000mAh comparison of these for the vaping community but was wondering if the ones listed above are used by anyone here too?

The 30Q seems to be, by far, the most popular 18650 used here.


From what I’ve seen only the VTC6 has been used by a few builders for its slightly better performance at higher amps than the 30Q. “Vape” cells aren’t that popular because of the high price per cell I believe.




The 30Q is a verrry popular cell for vapers though. VTC6 too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah I know, I used to be one, that’s where I knew you from. I meant the specific brands like vapcell or efest. Vapers don’t care because of the two or three cells per mod, maybe a spare set, but it adds up quick when building a pack with 40+ cells.


I used VTC6 in all my builds so far :slight_smile: Recently I managed to discharge a 10s6p battery down to 1.5v per cell. I took everything apart and to my surprise every cell could be revived to nearly the same capacity as before. (I wont use them for high discharge applications now of course) They are tough. I replaced the pack with a 10s5p 40t pack though, more capacity and Amps while the length of the pack stays more or less the same :slight_smile: I ran the VTC6 at 20a max with no significant heating.


if the price was closer to 30q,I think everybody would use the vtc6… why wouldn’t they 🤷😜


Vtc6 stays cooler charging at 2A/cell than 30Q at 1.33A/cell lol. I think they got a 21700 version as well but i’m not sure if it’s similar to 30T or 40T in spec

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That’s the VTC6A. :slightly_smiling_face:
A good performer, roughly similar to the P42A and 40T.


About to build a 12s10p VTC6 for my pal @pookybear, he loves these things


Haha I was just about to say that Mark loves the VTC6.

He was rocking a 12s6p vtc6 for a good while and always told me to skip 30q and get vtc6 lol.

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I built a lot of 30q packs but im not very very impressed by them. 10s5p on pneumatic gives me nearly as much as a 10s3p on 107s with a shitty gearing. I feel like the cells dont perform well giving more current :thinking: plus all my groups seem to drift a lot and two packs died of water damage, dragging the cells to 0 V

(Thats ofcourse my bad)

But it just feels like they are flimsy.


They can be good performers but they’re “energy” cells and can’t deliver much power when above about 15A or so (versus other cells). The “power” cells like the P26A, VTC5A, VTC5D, VTC6A will outperform the 30Q and other 3000mAh 18650’s when much above that level.

The grade of the cells and how they were stored as they bounced around the world after being bought as excess inventory can affect their performance too.


The pack I am currently building have vtc6 cells. I wouldn’t have normal gotten them but got a really good deal about 10 months ago on 400 cells.