Anyone use adjustable voltage/amp chargers

I’m looking for a charger that can charge from 12-20s and at a decent amp rate for some boards and my son’s bike and would rather not have a ton of chargers all over.

I’m looking at these

$143.13 | adjust charger 0-130v 0-60A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84v 96v 120v 135V 60A 50A 40A 30A 20A 10A 5A carregador chargeur cargadores

Or anything similar priced if you have suggestions.

From what I understand I won’t see 15amps unless on 220v correct?


Seems really interesting but i have no experience with it. If you do pull the trigger on it please report back. I don’t know if I could trust myself with it though, i use different charge connectors for my different voltage devices to keep me from doing something dumb

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@poastoast @Evwan

@MichaelWA @Egtscs these dudes both have a solid variable ali charger I believe

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Adjustable voltage and amperage, align with potential human error factor
Potentially resulting in unintended fiery consequences.

Safe Manual charging, requires attention.

A lab power supply is a wonderful tool, but one capable.of 1500watts is $$$$

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yeah, on 110V you’ll only be able to use maybe 6A or so

it won’t stop you from going higher but it will get very very hot

this charger looks kinda dodgy ngl,

i think i paid around the same for mine but i forgot my account deets so if i manage to find it i’ll post it, but it was based off a uhhhh

huawei RG 4850 by the looks of it?

I have a variant of this charger

You need to send them a message if you want it to work both for 12s and 20s. Then they are going to offer a variant that is 93v 30a max and can go down enough in voltage.

It’s also a modified huawei r4850g

You need 220v get most of the power out of it though. It can get very loud if you use large currents, but it’s fairly quiet if you charge slowly.

With that kind of voltage range, you’re looking at a Huawei charger if you want quality. Will cost around 300-400 bucks depends on which buyer you’re getting it from.

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Only a 12s variable amp.

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I have been looking at this for some time, not had the chance to land one and test it yet

This is the one I have (12s version) that @haven mentioned.

Durable enough to take a couple falls with me

Simple to operate once you figure it out

Never got over 100°f during my usage


This thing is fuckin big, it’s about twice the size of my non-variable 12s10A charger

It’s not incredibly loud but the noise carries through my whole house.

All in all I’m really happy with it.

I just realized OP is looking for variable voltage as well as current, this charger is variable current, there is a potentiometer inside that can be adjusted to higher voltage but you’d have to disassemble it each time you want to switch voltages or you’d have to modify the case and pot to be accessable from the outside.

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You are looking for a cycle satiator.

Charges lifepo 12v packs for spot welding all the way up to the 20s battery in an EUC.

No more rats nest of chargers….

Edit: “decent rate”, 5A, but it’s close to 360w at top voltage. Can’t have it all :man_shrugging:


Mine cooked itself after 5 months

I did look at his one, but it was double the cost.

I’ve been using this one for a while. Managed to do 19A at around 70v pulling about 1300W as reported from BMS app (110v outlet)

Only thing is you need a thin flathead to turn the voltage knob. screen alternates between volts/amps, and the total wattage/ internal temperature in celsius

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Ditto what @SternWake said.

It may be a little cheaper and more “elegant” to get a single supply can do multiple voltages, but don’t overlook the human error factor. Chances are you’re going to be recharging your stuff hundreds of times, so even being 99% on top of things isn’t enough.

If you ever forget to adjust to the right voltage before plugging in your PEV, best case you don’t have a power supply anymore.
Worst case you don’t notice, and it charges your 12s pack up to 20s voltages and you don’t have a battery anymore (or possibly a house)

IMO, Using an adjustable psu for charging in a pinch is fine (heck, I’ve done it a bunch), but it’s best to have dedicated chargers for regular charging. (Also lets you to charge stuff in parallel, from two separate circuits)

Well, I’m not gonna lie, I forgot about this thread I made and today I was slammed at work and I ordered the one I had in my cart on a break. Thinking of cancelling and getting the one @SBS has been using since at least we know his works. It’s 50$ cheaper then the one I bought.

I appreciate all the advice about the variable voltage danger. It won’t be an issue, I plan to use different size connectors for the 12s esk8 and the 20s bike and I will attach tags on them to remind me to change the settings when I plug in the wire. And I’m pretty well trained to check the settings on my bench power supply at work as multiple people use it for various tasks throughout the day at different settings.

Now cancel my order and get the cheaper one @SBS uses?

Edit: I did cancel and order the other. If he can get 19a on 110v that’s great.

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I can recommend the Gophert CPS-8412
0-85V, 0-12A

It‘s not the smallest or most powerful power supply, but it‘s reliable lab psu from a reputable brand. Also the output can be turned on/ off via a button and voltage and current can be set before connecting to your battery.

Plus it doesn’t use janky controllers to adjust questionable psu‘s.