Anyone tried SR Hybridsz?

They seems to be the same RKP but with a lower weight, are the motor mount clamps from the RKP compatible with them? Are they more stable on high speeds?


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I believe the Hybridz don’t have interchangeable axles. If I remember correctly they don’t even have the same hanger size/shape.


Dexter is correct.
Different hanger profile so no available mounts I know of.
Standard fixed axle length, so bolt on pulleys only.


They do work with the same baseplates and have 8mm axles, no mounts as of now. But I would say regular rkp feels smoother and finer, have both on regular boards.

That’s great to know, thanks guys!

Love those SR RKPs. something about the ride… got me hooked. are you planning a build with these?