Anyone need MBS Fivestars/Rockstar Bearing Spacers

Yes, thank you, Alex. I have seen those. But what is actually true? Are they. supposed to be 22.5mm length or 22.2mm? I’m hearing 22.2mm is the actual length here… but most, including mbs site sells 22.5mm length for them.
And is it the same size for all three models:

  • RS2
  • RS2 Pro alum
  • RS2 Pro alum XL

I’m thinking of using the spacers w/ rubber o rings to eliminate any possibility of rattle play. So maybe 22.5mm length spacer with 1 or 2mm? rubber o rings. Do y’all use the o rings on both ends of the spacers?

I wonder how many of the top end guys in forums like these actually use and like them.

I’ve heard 22.2 and mine all measure that, but hopefully @MBS can help clarify. Not sure why the spacers would be 22.5. No rubber o-ring funny business here. Bearing-spacer-bearing sandwich and crank down the nut


Factoring in manufacturing tolerances (bearings, spacers, and hubs) our experience is that 22.5 is the ideal spec length for bearing spacers for all MBS hubs. This has to do with the fact that, if a spacer is even a tiny bit short, not only does it not do it’s job, it rattles, which is incredibly annoying. I understand other people/companies might spec this differently. This is just our experience based on what works best for our hubs.