Anyone need MBS Fivestars/Rockstar Bearing Spacers

Found a source for some steel spacers that are the right dimensions for bearing hub spacers for MBS Rockstar 2s and should also work with MBS Fivestars

Is it worth me buying a bunch and selling them?

Prices for a full set:

£13 shipped to the US
£10 shipped to the UK
£13 shipped to Europe

How many you guys want?


I fucked the poll up :rofl:

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I am so confused but i think the answer is 2


i fixed it now

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Would it be cheaper to send them to a single person State side and then they can redistribute?

No shipping is about £3.70 to the US which is cheap enough

for 2 or more sets I can probably lower the price

It’s 10 GBP for spacers? Why are small things so expensive…


Who knows. Took forever to find them tho


Well I ordered quite a few of these in but one of my boxes had a hole in it and these must have fallen out



I also wondered what size bearings these are for… i have some rockstar2 on 8mm and another set on 12mm

Where did you get 8mm axle bearings?

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Edit: they were Uxcell 638zz 8mmx28mmx9mm



I need Rockstar bearing spacers but for 10mm axles.
They are 22.5mm length right? Cannot find them.

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Think I will try to 3d print an inner sleeve to make them M10, but still benefiting from the metal wrapping strength.

Plastic is terrible for spacer unfortunately. It sags over time and provides very little actual protection


There is a mill guy on ebay that makes any cylinder part you want for like £15, i’ll link him if you need

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Do you think that even inside the actual M12 metal spacer it would be too weak?

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Yes, please. Don’t know if I can afford 60 GBP right now for spacers but that contact is definitely useful to have.

I only know that has the 12mm ones… But I have no idea if they will work properly.