Anyone know a good source for 7" tubes (175x50)

evolve wats 14 bucks a tube and that’s crazy i cant seem to find them anyplace else i know evolve doesn’t make the only wheel that uses that size tube figured someone here might have a good tube plug lol

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7 inch tube is the same as 8 inch. So just get tubes for 200x50 wheels on AliExpress

you sure if that’s the case i have plenty of 200x50 (8") tubes laying around

Really? I’ve never heard this before. You would be the one to know though…

i mean it would kinda make sense that they would work

Then I wonder what tube goes on a 9"?

Where does the madness end?

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There are definitely 7 inch tubes for 7 inch tires

Give me 20 min to test :wink:


i will never buy the aliexpress tubes again, two were broken without even using them.

I bought from Ali, no problem. But you also have buyer protection

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yeah i saw it too late. looked ok and had them stored for later. Yesterday i checked them and they started losing air. Replacement tubes are way better, which i bought in a shop for nordic skating.

7x1 3/4 is Innova, the other is 200x50.
Here is the link for 7’ tubes

Here is 7x1 3/4 tube inside 200x50 tire, inflated. Everything looks OK

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Sadly this happens with 200x50 tube inside 7x1 3/4 tire


Never tried these but I have ordered from here before.

I had used aliexpress 200x50 in evolve 7 inch tires. No problems after probably 200km.

Is it possible that some local industrial or farm stores around you has these kind of inner tubes for tires on other purposes ??

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I’ve found local hardware stores selling wheelbarrow inner tubes. Unfortunately many wheelbarrows now are a solid rubber wheel but tractor supply company had some for me.

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Yeah, its like this… If you purchase the item from the dedicated brand it will be fast and expensive… if you try to find the similar one from the alternative markets, you can find it, it will be cheaper and time consuming…

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Well, if you zoom into the picture of the 7" tube on the Evolve site, it is clearly marked as 200x50, so these should work. Did anyone try the 7x1.75 linked to by @excess above?