Anyone here do cell-level fusing?

Looking at building a 12s8p with Molicel 21700 P42A batteries. It seems some people opt for cell level fusing and wanted to know what others thought. Does it hold up to vibration over time? What do you use for fuse wire? Just pure copper wire? Looks like maybe for this battery with a max discharge of 45A, I’d want 20 AWG pure copper wire?

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Unless you have the capability to design and produce properly spec’d fuses you’re playing a dangerous game.

Most of us do not believe esk8 is a good application of cell level causing because you can’t really afford to lose a cell. So if something did happen to burn that fuse you would pretty quickly kill that group without knowing. And overall be in for a bad time either way


Text under the product has some interesting information

You will hear a lot of skepticism toward fusing on this forum. I will just say it’s used by the bigger companies for a reason. Sadly you and I have no practical way doing cell level fusing for batteries we build. Ultimately someone needs to do the R&D, then manufacture and sell cell level fused welded p-groups.

See above…

Also if you want to increase the amps you can always spot weld multiple layers, one layer at a time just like any other nickel strip.

I don’t consider battery hookup’s solution practical for esk8.
It’d take too much stacking of thin wires.
Also I don’t have any interest in 18650 cells.

I wouldn’t consider 8 amps appropriate for eskate. Maybe if you’re doing a large p-pack, but only in pretty extreme cases. Even some energy cells can handle a lot more than that for bursts within reason.

Personally I wouldn’t even mess with cell level fusing in esk8. It just doesn’t make sense in this application. Maybe if you had a 20p battery… maybe.