Anyone ever used wood for risers?

Lol :rofl:

A single solid wood riser will be a lot better than stacked risers, especially for that height.

I think plywood would be fine, stuff is tough and won’t split.
But solid hardwood is better.
Even softwood is fine in a pinch.

ThiThis is what im dealing with.
Want to change for a solid 1.5" block if possible.

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That’s a great idea.

Good multiplex wood is great. I even did truck extentions with 12mm thick multiplex made out of birch. I even have some tunnelrisers made out of wood, stuff is just awesome.

Never heard of multiplex wood. Ill do some research on it

it’s probably just another word in the US.
Edit: It is cross laminated plywood.

:+1: good to know

The good thing about cross laminated plywood is that it doesn’t bend as easily as other woods when machining.

:thinking: that is a good point.
Ill be looking at different hard woods and the onenyou mentionned in coming days and well see what i can come up with.
I intend on carving it into something to make it look original.
Was thinking a snake but too generic. We’ll see.

You can also get 3" aluminum box tubing scraps from your local metal shop or scrap yard for free probably

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ive seen stacked leather risers. works. could cut a milk jug up if youre desperate.


I think baltic birch would work well. Void free, cross laminated, marine glue. You can use titebond3 to glue a few layers together. Probably stronger than hardwood overall (won’t crack along grain).


More like 30 milk jugs lol. I need 1.5 inches at the moment. Might go for 2in

Cool thx. Ill have a look

Thought about that also. Going to my local scrap yard and getting metal.
Im just really set on wood cause i want to carve it into something

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Yeah, you definitely want a solid riser for that height.

I’d actually consider a tapped aluminum block where you bolt in from both ends, it will have a lot more rigidity. You’re probably losing a lot of turning in that thing. If thats outside your means, I’d definitely make sure the holes in your riser aren’t oversized.

Currently its a tight fit in the holes. Will keep it that way also for next one because i had some before that the screws where just a tad to small and one day i hit a crack and everything shifted.
Good thing i was going slow.