Anyone else carrying spare tire, tools, drinks, and other stuff on their board?

I know most people use backpacks. I hate wearing a backpack when I’m riding. I find it really restrictive, and hot in the summer, and there’s also the danger of falling on hard things in there if you fall backwards. I know some people even carry spare batteries in their backpack which seems totally nuts to me.

On my longer rides, I would never go out without tools and a spare tire. I actually had to change a tire on a ride yesterday. It’s also really hot now where I am so having some water is always nice.

I did have my the spare tire on the back before but I’m planning to move some of my battery there to balance out the weight of the front drivetrain so I moved it to the middle now mounted on the battery box and I’ve been using these little molle pouches almost like saddlebags. I carry tools in one and a small soft water bottle and other stuff in the other one. Works well and stays put even with crazy off-roading and jumping.


Looks like a pretty good use of space to me. Plus you could use it for the heaviest tools to free up space to carry stuff on your back if needed.

A warning for the side bags: over time velcro will sort of wear down and stop working/ holding well. The hook side gets all flattened out and the loop side gets too torn up for even a new hook side to hold onto well. It does take a while to happen and you will see a visual difference so it should be easy to spot before a bag is able to fall off on its own. I’ve only had it happen from repeated opening and closing of a jacket that used velcro but vibrations might cause some extra wear. It should still hold up just fine for at least a year if not longer

only the more important

Dust is the worst enemy of Velcro (that and copyright laws),
had to double sided tape my velcroded battery pack when it started failing repeatedly

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